Set of Australian Half Pennies

Set of Australian Half Pennies

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Complete Set of Australian Half Pennies


ex 1923

Australian Half Penny

The Australian halfpenny obverse features the United Kingdom monarch of the time.

The ‘Commonwealth of Australia’ reverse was used in earlier years, (1911 to 1939), prior to the ‘kangaroo reverse’ being introduced during 1939. (1939 to 1964).

1 halfpenny = 1/2 of a penny = 1/24 of a shilling = 1/480 of a pound

Before 1910 United Kingdom currency was the official legal tender of Australia.

The first Australian half penny was minted in 1911.

The half penny ran until 1964, when Australia stopped minting pre-decimal coins in preparation for decimilisation in 1966.

Dates not minted: 1910, 1937, 1956 – 1958


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