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Clan Teamspeak 3

Server: clancod.enjinvoice.com


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Favorite Picks

  • Not bad playing

    A show of perfection against others. View Full...

    Flashed but got the kill

    Got himself flashed but still managed to get the kill. View Full...

    ReKt Again

    Well what can we say, Winnah. View Full...
  • The ReKt Roar

    Rightly so after an amazing win. View Full...

    ReKt Legends Owns

    Made mince meat out of the opposition! View Full...

    Meh! Kicking Back

    Play hard rest easy, this seems to be the motto. View Full...

News and Info

No Cheating

No Cheating


ReKt has a strict no cheating, no hacking policy you can be assured that mo member of ReKt cheats.

Maps Finally Released

Map Pack Finally Released


Despite playstation and XBox receiving the map pay a month ago the wait is over, however the disappointment isn't.

ReKt is Recruiting

We Are Recruiting


Clan ReKt is recruiting, we would especially like to welcome female games. Join today and become part of a team.

Awakening DLC

Awakening DLC


The Awakening Black Ops 3 DLC release date is finally here on PC. The most important information you need to know is here

You Decide


From time to time we will post possible hacker videos on our site, these by no means are proof that the person in the video is a hacker, but what is will depict is a person of interest and perhaps a person that should be trusted.


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